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Utilize the library of free Freezer Sports machine learning models and our in-depth stats to improve your betting performance. By downloading our app you will have our Machine Learning Sports Picks at your figer tips daily. In the App you will find daily free picks, detailed team stats, game line movements, simulations for all games in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and College sports and much more.

Our Mission

At Freezer Sports our goal is to offer the best and most transparent sports models possible using machine learning technologies. While many other sites attempt to hide their long-term records, we show every single play from every sport right on our site visible for everyone, so you have all the information you need to either trust the models or not. If you are tired of the smoke and mirrors with tipsters charging insane sums of money for mediocre picks, Freezer Sports is the app for you.

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Most people can only achieve a win rate of 52% if lucky, barely beating the bookies juice, using the Freezers Sports model you will be able to achieve win rates from 59%-71%. When tailing a person, you are tailing a model that is adjusted and tweaked but rarely altered. By using machine learning to better our odds we eliminate personal biases, lesson incorrect correlation/causation and prioritize value over short turn returns.